Voguish Vocabulary: Censure

censure, n: a judgment of condemnation, often against a public official. From The History of Parliament, 1647: “He was brought to … the House of Lords to receive his Censure.”

Example from the news: Fellow Senators Praise Feingold’s Censure Resolution: “Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, offered some praise for Feingold, saying the [censure] resolution would be “positive” if it fueled debate over the legality of some policies in the war on terrorism.”

Example from Scripture: “The Father censures no one: he has given responsibility for judgment entirely to the Son, so that everyone will honor the Son equally with the Father.” —John 5:22,23, (Jesus speaking)

Note these similar-sounding words: censer: a container used for burning incense; censor: an official responsible to remove objectionable material from public view; sensor: a device that detects some physical phenomenon and converts it into an electrical signal; eggplant — an inedible, purple squash

(Sources: OED, Merriam-Webster Online)

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  1. Charlie,

    You are so right! Eggplant is inedible.