A trip to Yosemite 3

California is getting drenched, so it's been a cold and wet couple of days here at Yosemite. Not complaining, though. We came here to see water, and Yosemite has water in abundance.The rains have really amped up the waterfalls. Yosemite Falls is a mile away, but it's roaring like a jet plane. I ... Continue reading

A trip to Yosemite 2

Heading north out of Bakersfield, we passed mile after mile of almond groves, each tree laden with pale, pink blossoms. Every few hundred feet a cluster of bee hives sat beneath the spreading branches, the bees happy to do the farmer's work.Between almond groves were huge vineyards. Grape vines ... Continue reading

A trip to Yosemite 1

My wife and I are driving to Yosemite National Park. It's been a warm, dry winter in Tucson, so we thought we'd go spend a few days in a place where it's cold and wet and green.We made it to Bakersfield tonight. Lots of elevation changes. Indio, California, is on the Salton Sea where the land ... Continue reading