A MILLION reasons to have a will

Every year, thousands of rich Americans exit suddenly for the Great Beyond, leaving their wealth in jeopardy.Unbelievable? It was to me, too, until I began receiving disturbing emails from my many concerned friends in Africa.For example, you've undoubtedly heard of the renowned industrialist ... Continue reading

Celebrating greatness

In the morning, we celebrated communion, drinking grape juice and eating crackers in remembrance of Jesus' blood and body. We "celebrate," but in the older sense of the word. It's a time of solemnity where we recall our sin and seek the forgiveness of the One whose death was caused by our sin.We ... Continue reading

Wealth, poverty and generosity

I'm not a wealthy man. According to information from the US census bureau, the median US annual income for a family of 4 is $63,278. (Median, remember, means "mid-point," so half of US families earn less than that and half earn more.) My income is decidedly on the less side, but I am by no means ... Continue reading