Lasers and unity

Since I'm always interested in trying new things, I had my retina spot-welded with a laser beam on Tuesday by a doctor who spoke no English. As cross-cultural experiences go, I think I prefer eating roasted grasshoppers.Not that I was unhappy with the result. Far from it. If you ever rip your ... Continue reading

Christianity and racial politics

In both 2000 and 2004, the most reliable indicator of a voter's support for one presidential candidate or the other was that voter's commitment, or lack thereof, to religious faith. Most pundits were predicting a similar result this year, which explains the massive effort by the Democratic party to ... Continue reading

9/11: Lessons unlearned

If 9/11 was intended to frighten America into abandoning the Middle East, it failed. What the jihadists could not have anticipated was America's toughness.But they did hurt us, and we've been bleeding internally ever since. 9/11 deeply slashed American politics, as Daniel Henninger writes so ... Continue reading


A child born deaf is a child born into a life of profound isolation. We say that the other senses are heightened when one is lost, and perhaps that is true. But speech and hearing are our default mechanisms for exchanging ideas, conducting business, building relationships, expressing feelings. ... Continue reading

One nation, indivisible

I grew up in the south at a time when there were only two races: colored and white. I am white.I remember signs on drinking fountains, restroom doors, shops and restaurants that read "White Only." I remember the shouted epithets and whispered insults. I remember the fear and loathing that ... Continue reading

Confession: Good for the body and the soul

Bob at Mr. Standfast appreciates Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which automatically makes him good people. He has written a thoughtful piece on the way that sin isolates us not only from God, but from the community of believers, and how confession reunites us with both. Bob calls his essay On Confession: ... Continue reading