Off to Mexico

I'm off to Mexico for a week. Taking the red-eye this time, so I'll be sleep-deprived when I get there. And half-starved. And stiff from having my knees jammed against the seat in front of me for six hours. Poor me.It must be a sign of decadence to complain about being whisked from city to city ... Continue reading

Impressions of Oaxaca

I've been in southern Mexico for the past week, in the state of Oaxaca, part of a 5-week business trip. I thought I'd describe some of the things that make this region of Mexico such a wonderland.An ancient ox cart rattling along the side of the road, the grey-shouldered beasts plodding along in ... Continue reading

View from the road 3

Iced tea is the fuel that ignites the engine of southern industry. It is the elixir of the gods. —Mark Twain (...if he had ever experienced southern iced tea, Twain surely would have said something just like this ... but actually, this soon-to-be-famous-and-oft-repeated quote is by Charles ... Continue reading

View from the road 2

Every time I pass through Jackson, Tennessee, and over the years it's happened several times, I don't have the time to visit the Casey Jones Railroad Museum. This trip is no exception.Jackson is the home of John Luther "Casey" Jones, a railroad engineer of the early 1900's made famous by his ... Continue reading

View from the road 1

I'm on the road with my son, heading east to my daughter's college graduation. We drove through the southern tip of Navajo country yesterday, through that place I know through the eyes of my favorite mystery novelist, Tony Hillerman. I did not find Lt. Leaphorn or Sgt. Jim Chee.But we drove ... Continue reading

Airport upgrades

Flew home from Mexico yesterday. The Mexico City airport, which is a vast labyrinth of interconnected terminals surrounded by the city, is planning a gigantic move/rebuilding on the outskirts. There are models and drawings and 3-D animated flyovers running in the exhibition spaces of the airport ... Continue reading