When does life have value?

As many as 26 disabled-rights groups are protesting the decision to remove Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, according to Not Dead Yet. Democrat Senator Tom Harkin has joined the throng, as has Democrat presidential hopeful Rev. Jesse Jackson.Contrary to the way the story is being framed, is isn't ... Continue reading

Servanthood and the Schiavo Protocol

Jane was in the prime of her life when she was diagnosed with ALS. She had a husband, children and a busy, fulfilling career. She was respected by her colleagues and frequently sought out for her knowledge and wisdom. Life was good, which made the diagnosis of ALS an even greater ... Continue reading

What’s wrong with this picture?

  ... Continue reading

Congress ready to intervene for Terri

"President Bush is changing his schedule to return to the White House on Sunday to be in place to sign emergency legislation that would shift the case of a brain-damaged Florida woman to federal courts, the White House said Saturday," according to this Associated Press story."The House and ... Continue reading

Terri Schiavo’s deadline

Today is March 18, the date on which Florida judge Greer said that Michael Schiavo could remove the feeding tube from his wife, Terri, so that she might begin to die of starvation.I'll link here to a summary by Jeremy Lott of Get Religion, because he frames this as another example of "judicial ... Continue reading

Terri Schiavo

Perhaps as early as this afternoon, a judge will decide whether Terri Schiavo lives or dies.Briefly, this vibrant young, Floridian became severely brain damaged. Her husband believes she would not wish to have her life sustained "artificially" and is seeking legal permission to stop feeding her. ... Continue reading