The greatest superhero of all is Superman, hands down. Ironman and Batman have cool gadgets, the Hulk is both a formidable and sympathetic foe, Captain America commands our respect, but Superman is pure other-worldly superpower channeled through a morally upright heart. You can't beat that.My ... Continue reading

The truth about Superman’s phonebooth

Phone booths have all but vanished from the American landscape, to the delight of the myriad faceless number crunchers who toil at Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. It's bad enough that the extinction of the public telephone has created so much hardship for cellphoneless citizens like myself, ... Continue reading

The Incredibles and the superhero ethic

Alex Wainer at Breakpoint has written an intelligent analysis of the movie The Incredibles that he calls What Makes the Incredibles Superheroic? Heroism in Character, Not Abilities. Wainer discusses Nietzsche's Superman, the anti-heroic inspiration for two Jewish writers: [Nietzsche] informed the ... Continue reading