Blizzard memories and winter compassion

Between February 14 and 15, 1958, more than 14" of snow fell in the Baltimore/Washington area. Temperatures dropped close to zero on the 16th. Power lines were down, and my sister and I were in the dark and cold with our father, who wasn't used to taking taking care of us. But he did well and we all ... Continue reading

Snowy memories

It snowed last night. Winter snows in Tucson are usually confined to the tops of the mountains that surround our city. Mt. Lemmon, at 9,159 feet, has had about 50 inches this winter, which is a good year for them. Every so often the snow makes it down to the 3,300 foot level where we live, and we ... Continue reading

Christmas snow

We don't often get snow in Tucson, and rarely on Christmas. But a winter storm blew through on the 26th and we woke up to a light dusting of snow, with flakes falling most of the day.The skies are clear today and most of the snow has disappeared. A hard freeze is coming tonight, so I need to ... Continue reading

Winter memories

I remember waking up on certain winter mornings, my face peeking into the cold while the rest of me snuggled comfortably beneath a pile of blankets, my brain resisting consciousness and the inevitable beginning of a new day. I could often predict the weather by the color of the dawn light filtering ... Continue reading