Avocado love

Scientists have not been able to catch avocado trees in the act of having sex, according to a Dallas Morning News report. They've tried all sorts of tricks, including sneaking into avocado groves at night disguised as pomegranates.No dice. Avocados are incredibly discreet, and they don't kiss ... Continue reading

Jesus loves p°rn stars

Handing out free Bibles to p°rn stars and their fans at adult film conventions isn't as hard as it would seem. Pastors Mike Foster and Craig Gross say they typically give away 1,000 copies of the New Testament at the multiday conferences. Even so, the founders of XXXchurch.com — a Corona-based ... Continue reading

In pursuit of happiness

I believe that God gave us the gift of sexuality so that we might express with our bodies the love that's in our hearts. I just need to tell you that I experience that with my partner. —Gene Robinson, newly elected Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, on the spiritual meaning of a homosexual ... Continue reading