When God divided out the wind and the water, and when he decided the path for rain and lightning, he also determined the truth and defined wisdom. God told us, "Wisdom means that you respect me, the Lord, and turn from sin." — Job 28:25-28, CEV Summer is hot in Arizona. Our prevailing winds come ... Continue reading


This morning the clouds are heavy, leaden, folded like a carelessly thrown linen tablecloth. The rain falls almost conversationally, as if pouring out a burst of words, pausing to listen, then pouring out another thought or two before pausing again. In the distance is the barely-audible rumbling of ... Continue reading


It has been raining this afternoon. A real frog-strangler. Thunder. Lightning. Heavy, wind-driven drops beating against the roof, seeping in through the windows and under the doors. A glorious rain!In places where it rains infrequently, a good rain is cause for joy. It washes the dust from the ... Continue reading