Oh, Africa!

Linea is a dentist who has spent a great deal of her "free" time in the Congo providing medical care and training. She goes because she can, and because she feels she must—God has given her a compassionate heart for the poor, and a vision that extends beyond the borders of her own country.The ... Continue reading

Richness in prayer

I want to recommend a very fine essay by Chris, the Desert Pastor, called The Tempering of Extemporaneous Prayer. As an evanglical who attended a fairly non-liturgical church, I was taught that prayer is simply a conversation with God—speaking your mind, saying what is on your heart—and that it is. ... Continue reading

The Spirit of the Disciplines

To be a Christian is to be like Christ. But to be like Christ is deceptively difficult, and yet, remarkably simple. It is not a simple matter of wearing a WWJD bracelet and asking oneself at every turn of the day, "What would Jesus do?"When a young boy aspires to grow up and be just like his ... Continue reading

Disappointment with God

According to Philip Yancey, there are three questions that Christians are afraid to ask, because they take us down a dark pathway into a gloomy forest of doubt, and once there, we wonder if we will ever manage to find our way out again alive.Is God unfair? Is God silent? Is God hidden? Such ... Continue reading