Bono addresses the National Prayer Breakfast

U2's Bono was the keynote speaker at the National Prayer Breakfast yesterday in Washington, D.C. Here are a few of his comments: Look, whatever thoughts you have about God, who He is or if He exists, most will agree that if there is a God, He has a special place for the poor. In fact, the poor are ... Continue reading

Healing Haiti

Haiti just can't catch a break.According to the CIA World Factbook: In this poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, 80% of the population lives in abject poverty. Two-thirds of all Haitians depend on the agriculture sector, which consists mainly of small-scale subsistence farming. Following ... Continue reading

Wealth, poverty and generosity

I'm not a wealthy man. According to information from the US census bureau, the median US annual income for a family of 4 is $63,278. (Median, remember, means "mid-point," so half of US families earn less than that and half earn more.) My income is decidedly on the less side, but I am by no means ... Continue reading

Blessed are the poor?

God must love the poor. Why else would he have made so many of them? —Abraham Lincoln She reminded me of Marlene Dietrich. Something about her confident bearing or those exotic features, her oval face, her soft-spoken manner. But she was no movie star, and no one had ever stopped her for an ... Continue reading

Java justice

She touched my hand gently, as is the custom, and smiled brightly as she welcomed us into her home. I glanced down at her bare feet—they were calloused, rough, wide, toes splayed, out of proportion with her slight frame. She had the feet of a woman who had spent her life hauling heavy loads over ... Continue reading