Redeeming America

Today's liberalism may stand on decades of failed ideas, but it is failure in the name of American redemption. [Liberalism's power is that]... it addresses America's moral accountability to its past with moral activism. ... Liberalism's glamour follows from its promise of a new American innocence. ... Continue reading

Encouraging discouragement

Politics is fueled by discontent. In every election season, we Americans — the world's most prosperous and pampered people — take our complaints to the ballot box.It's the nature of a democratic community that our collective unhappiness drives us to build something better. Like the oyster ... Continue reading

Time for change?

Can a presidential candidate get through a speech without promising Change? ... Change to what or from what or instead of what - all that goes unspecified. ... We the People are simply expected to react favorably to any mention of Change. Call it the political version of a Pavlovian response. The ... Continue reading

Who’s in charge?

I suppose if you asked any of the candidates for president why he (or she) is running for office, they'd all say they want to change things.It may be the universal first cause for public service. Men and women at every level of government will tell you that they got into politics because they ... Continue reading

How would Jesus vote?

Anderson Cooper: I do have to ... press the question, ... What would Jesus do? Would Jesus support the death penalty?Mike Huckabee: Jesus was too smart to ever run for public office, Anderson. That's what Jesus would do. — from the November 28, 2007 CNN/YouTube Republican debate[Jesus ... Continue reading

Soccer, football and politics

Futbol — soccer to us Americans — is a religion in Latin America. No other sport comes close to having the zealous, passion-crazed following that soccer has.I don't know the subtleties of the game, but I have learned quite a bit by watching it over the past couple of weeks while I've been in ... Continue reading

A call for civility

American politics has become increasingly virulent in recent years. As we've grown used to talking about Red and Blue States, it seems the language of politics, the give and take debate on issues, has become more and more aggressive, angry and divisive.Opponents hurl insults at each other and ... Continue reading

Sinéad’s Theology

Theology is an attempt to create a place of peace in a time of war... I observe a lot of violence done in the name of theologies of various religions, but when you study the actual texts of those religions you find that they don't ... justify war or violence or anything really which is unloving of ... Continue reading