Mark Daniels on character and hope-shifting

I always look to Pastor Mark Daniels at Better Living for good thinking on a variety of subjects. Here are some things Mark blogged about this week.In "It's Character, Stupid", Mark offers an historian's perspective on what to look for in a presidential candidate: "I claim not to have ... Continue reading

A call for civility

American politics has become increasingly virulent in recent years. As we've grown used to talking about Red and Blue States, it seems the language of politics, the give and take debate on issues, has become more and more aggressive, angry and divisive.Opponents hurl insults at each other and ... Continue reading


It's time to browse an eclectic mix of posts from other bloggers, beginning with Ben Witherington, the New Testament scholar and jazz aficionado, who has penned a nice retrospective on jazz great John Coltrane: A very long time ago, 80 years, an African American was born in Hamlet, North Carolina, ... Continue reading