The human side of illegal immigration

The angry revolt on the right about the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" would never have happened had Congress not squandered its credibility with its previous, half-hearted "reforms." But if Congress is two-faced about meaningful immigration reform, it only reflects the attitudes of our ... Continue reading

Mark Daniels on immigration, Part 2

In his second post on How Christians Might Think About the Immigration Issue, Pastor Mark Daniels focuses on the biblical concept of justice. In this series of posts, Mark is trying to lay a foundation of principles that will help us approach the immigration debate, and relate to the illegal ... Continue reading

Huddled masses

With Congress making progress on actual legislation, everyone seems to have an opinion on how to handle the problem of illegal immigration. I fall in the "fences: bad; guest-worker programs: good" side of this very hot debate.Some months back I wrote a series of three posts on the subject. In ... Continue reading

Border update: Fence follies

Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-CA, joins a growing chorus of people who think we should solve our immigration problems by buiiding a Great Wall along the entire southwest border. It worked for the Chinese, after all. The Houston Chronicle rightly observes that Duncan's plan is "further evidence that serious ... Continue reading