Experience is not enough

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. — Douglas Adams In the late 90's, any company with dot-com in its name became an overnight sensation with investors, whether it was ... Continue reading

Lost in a moral fog, Part 2

Back in the early Pleistocene era when I was a lad, road crews would mark out construction zones with bowling-ball sized canisters filled with kerosene and topped by a large wick. When lit with a match, they would burn all night long, warning motorists away from broken pavement.I grew up with ... Continue reading

Lost in a moral fog, Part 1

Capt. John Cota is a veteran pilot with years of experience guiding giant ships in and out of San Francisco Bay. On the morning of November 7 in dense fog, he was on the bridge of the 65,000 ton container ship Cosco Busan instructing the ship's captain and helmsman so they could safely navigate ... Continue reading

Heart healthy

When my doctor told me I should have a stress test, I imagined a balding, bespectacled guy dressed in a white lab coat asking me tough questions:"You're in the 15 item or less line at the Safeway with a cart filled to the brim. There are 10 angry people waiting behind you. Your credit card has ... Continue reading

Mind and heart

Information is the opiate of the masses. Karl Marx put it differently, of course, but today, with religion waning and information coming out of our ears 24/7, I figure he might have adopted a different comparison.Many of us have come to believe, foolishly, that the pursuit of knowledge is the ... Continue reading