Obama’s monster

...nothing contributes so much to tranquillize the mind as a steady purpose... — from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein On May 21, 2003, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution extolling the historic importance of the Ford Motor Company. It lavishly lauded the ingenuity and innovation of Ford ... Continue reading

Procrustean health care

The British are a race of Pygmies. I first discovered this fact when my boss' comely daughter asked me to fix her recalcitrant MGB GT. I knew cars, and it seemed like a good way to score some points with my boss, and his pretty daughter.So I took the keys and attempted to take the car for a ... Continue reading

The politics of toothaches

A couple of days into my recent trip to Mexico I developed a toothache. Not a please shoot me now! toothache, but the sort that makes you start avoiding one side of your mouth, like that neighborhood you stay out of after dark because it'll be trouble.I could tell this was going to be an ... Continue reading