God, airlines, and questions of sovereignty

If there's a God who controls floods and earthquakes, does the deity also have a hand in an airline's mechanical problems? ... [Southwest Airlines] recently added "mechanical difficulties" to the list of acts of God and other events for which the carrier will not be liable if travel is delayed. — ... Continue reading


In conclusion, my children, take delight in your heavenly Father. —Philippians 3:1, paraphrase (the Apostle Paul writing) I once had a girlfriend who loved to go to the park and swing on the swings. As a sophisticated young college student, I always felt a little foolish doing this.But young ... Continue reading


It has been raining this afternoon. A real frog-strangler. Thunder. Lightning. Heavy, wind-driven drops beating against the roof, seeping in through the windows and under the doors. A glorious rain!In places where it rains infrequently, a good rain is cause for joy. It washes the dust from the ... Continue reading