He humbled himself

We rode all day and most of the night on a series of creaky buses, up and down twisty mountain roads, stopping frequently to pack in more passengers. The final leg into the misty hills was in the cold of night in the back of a flatbed truck, snuggled among dusty sacks of corn. At the end of the ... Continue reading

Emmanuel in Iowa

The candidates are swarming in Iowa like flies on a dead carcass, "pressing the flesh," making speeches in school gymnasiums, holding impromptu press conferences in diners and donut shops. The Washington Post's Campaign Tracker uses Google Maps to pinpoint where your favorite politician is appearing ... Continue reading

Losing anxiety in a time of awe

For reasons I don't entirely understand this one day of the year seems to compress a lifetime of thoughts and feelings. There is this pressure — from where it comes I don't know — that the day must somehow be perfect, that it must recapture some lost ideal of what Christmas is supposed to be. The ... Continue reading