The politics of beauty

My interest in beauty pageants probably peaked when I was 15. These days, the closest I get is laughing at Sandra Bullock's send-up of beauty contests (scholarship programs!) in Miss Congeniality.But I have been fascinated by the controversy over this weekend's Miss USA pageant, caused when ... Continue reading

Electronic graffiti

Don Imus has been fired for using a racial slur to insult the Rutgers womens' basketball team on his radio program.JV and Elvis, WFNY radio personalities, think Imus has gotten a bad deal. "You're going 100 miles an hour on radio. You want to have fun, you're just making observations — how ... Continue reading

Is nothing sacred?

Post-modernism enjoys mocking the sacred. The "artist" Andres Serrano won acclaim for sinking a crucifix in a urine-filled jar. Chris Ofili got applause for covering the Virgin Mary with elephant dung. The Da Vinci Code imagines Jesus hitched to Mary Magdalene. The Book of Daniel depicts Jesus as a ... Continue reading