Who’s in charge?

I suppose if you asked any of the candidates for president why he (or she) is running for office, they'd all say they want to change things.It may be the universal first cause for public service. Men and women at every level of government will tell you that they got into politics because they ... Continue reading

Is nothing sacred?

Post-modernism enjoys mocking the sacred. The "artist" Andres Serrano won acclaim for sinking a crucifix in a urine-filled jar. Chris Ofili got applause for covering the Virgin Mary with elephant dung. The Da Vinci Code imagines Jesus hitched to Mary Magdalene. The Book of Daniel depicts Jesus as a ... Continue reading

Religion and the courts

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;... —The religion clauses of the first amendment A law violates the first amendment if it fails any of the following three tests: 1) it must serve a secular purpose; 2) it must neither ... Continue reading