Signs of change

A week ago — two at most — I was sweltering in my office as the temperatures outside pushed 90F. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, fall finally arrived here in the desert southwest, much to our relief. Today is one of those gray, overcast days common in other parts of the country and so rare here. The ... Continue reading

Autumn in Lake Geneva

Here in Tucson, we have no autumn and no water. At the end of summer, leaves do not change color, and there is no place for someone who loves to sail to indulge his enjoyment of the wind and the water.My wife recently took a short vacation with her mother at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where my ... Continue reading

In praise of tilt

June 21 was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. In celebration, jubilant physics students from across the globe went to Stonehenge, beating drums and casting about flowers, singing, chanting and leaping for joy, all in praise of tilt. I know their teachers ... Continue reading