Bob and Madonna: Uncensored

If you were a television executive, which program do you think would offend the most viewers across America? The first is a children's show featuring digital vegetables that sing and dance and tell silly parables. Each episode ends with a Bible verse and a witty tomato's reminder that "God made you ... Continue reading

Shari’ah nation

There are good reasons to believe that the violence over the Danish cartoons is more political than religious. Syria seems to be playing a major role, and the Syrian government cares far less about defending Islam than securing its own power. Iran may be using the cartoons to draw attention away ... Continue reading

Rolling Stone flattens Bible ad

Cutting-edge cultural icon Rolling Stone magazine has apparently found the Bible a bit too edgy for its tastes.Zondervan had secured advertising space in the February issue of Rolling Stone to create interest among the magazine's readers in the Today's New International Version of the Bible. But ... Continue reading