Our bodies, our souls

What does it mean to be human?In an earlier age, that question would have been answered with a conviction that we are a temporal manifestation of a spiritual reality, finding our beginning and end in a sovereign Creator who fashioned us and set us loose in the playground of his designs on ... Continue reading

Against dualism: Body and soul

In the discussions of the past weeks, a great many people made the argument that Terri Schiavo was "no longer there." Some said that Terri's soul "was already with God," and that what remained was some mere shell.This dualistic view, that the soul is independent from the body and can to some ... Continue reading

Hemoglobin to the rescue!

I've discovered that I'm leaking iron. Yesterday, while walking down the street, a cast-iron skillet fell from my pants leg and clattered onto the sidewalk. Magnets no longer stick to my body parts. It's embarrassing.Actually, if I'm leaking anything, I'm probably leaking blood. I've become iron ... Continue reading