Joe Carter’s Top 100

Joe Carter of the Evangelical Outpost has honored me by placing this blog on his list of 100 Christian blogs he thinks are usually worth a read, though not necessarily because you'll agree with what you read here. But you already knew that, didn't you? This is not a list of the "best Christian ... Continue reading

Best of the God blogs

Ok, so there are 50 bajillion Christian blogs out here in the blogosphere, and your coffee break is exactly ten minutes long. The boss says, sure, surf the net to your heart's content, but in 10 minutes it's back to the assembly line, bolting widgets to framwitzes until the lunch whistle. Where do ... Continue reading

NY Times: Faithful track questions, answers and minutiae on blogs

To some bloggers of faith, the medium provides a vehicle for evangelism. For others, it is an opportunity to educate. For many, it is a way to get their beliefs into the public square and, with people who comment on their postings, wrestle with the issues of the day. —Debra Nussbaum Cohen Debra ... Continue reading

Welcome Get Religion readers!

I awoke this morning to see that Terry Mattingly at Get Religion featured a comment I made on his blog. If you are here for the first time out of curiosity, welcome! I hope you'll browse a bit and come back often.My comment at Get Religion was about how the Democrats lost me as a voter over ... Continue reading

Changes coming

I am in the process of changing hosts. My son, who has kindly hosted my blog since the beginning, is getting out of the web-hosting business.Since I have to move everything anyway, I've decided this is as good a time as any to upgrade to Movable Type 3.1. For those of you who care about such ... Continue reading

A new look

A certain friend of mine said that my former website design looked like the product of an acid flashback.I have never taken LSD, but I do admit to having a weakness for Adobe Photoshop, a tool that can make the artistically challenged feel more talented than we really are. In the wrong hands, ... Continue reading

Breaking the bubble II

One of the themes of Michelle Johnston's new paper on Christian blogging is how best to create a relational electronic community that can provide a forum for an open discussion of faith. She has turned up some evidence that Christian blogging is inwardly focused and sometimes not particulary ... Continue reading

Breaking the bubble

Are Christians grabbing hold of the potential of ministry through weblogs, specifically the potential for youth ministry? How are weblogging Christians online fostering relationships? ... Are they creating a distinct Christian weblogging community and alienating themselves from the rest of the ... Continue reading