Deconstructing Bart Ehrman

Back before cable and the internet, we used to depend on Uncle Walter for news. A consummate professional, CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite could always be relied on to get his facts straight and the questions of the day answered with precision.Today, the inescapable 24/7 news cycle and the ... Continue reading


It's time to browse an eclectic mix of posts from other bloggers, beginning with Ben Witherington, the New Testament scholar and jazz aficionado, who has penned a nice retrospective on jazz great John Coltrane: A very long time ago, 80 years, an African American was born in Hamlet, North Carolina, ... Continue reading

Easter people

There are many great posts around the blogosphere about Easter. Here is one from NT professor (Asbury Seminary) Ben Witherington, Rising to the Occasion: Easter Reflections. ... It has been said that Christians are by nature an Easter people, and certainly in all generations of the church belief in ... Continue reading