Depressed by jazz

I don't grok jazz.My local PBS station plays jazz at night, and I listen from time to time, hoping that my mother's asparagus theory will win out.(Certain disgusting vegetables, like asparagus, are an acquired taste, according to my mother. She claimed that if I kept choking them down, I'd ... Continue reading

DaVinci Code bloopers

Fred Sanders at Middlebrow has written a short and enjoyable post on the more laughable art history errors in Dan Brown's DaVinci Code. Sanders calls his piece 9 Art Bloopers in the DaVinci Code. Here are a couple: 1. It’s Leonardo, not DaVinci. He’s one-name famous, like Elvis and Cher. “Da Vinci” ... Continue reading

On this Rock

I can feel Your love watching over me. From the rise of a silent peace, we sing our praise to Thee. I can see Your hand reaching over me. From our knees comes an awesome cry, God of Majesty.As Your love enfolds around me, so my soul cries to Thee. On the wings of tomorrow, we will sing unto ... Continue reading

Beauty and truth

A thing of beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness. —John Keats The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives. —Albert Einstein A few weeks back, while California was burning to the ... Continue reading

Fingerprints in the heavens

At a recent concert, the rap star Eminem shocked even his most jaded fans when he selected a beautiful young woman from the audience and presented her with a $450,000 necklace. The stunned and giddy recipient was said to be delighted.The suspicion did cross my mind, ever so briefly, that Mr. ... Continue reading