Out with the old…

It has been just a bit more than 10 years since I started blogging. I don't much like change, but after all that time my old blogging platform had become cranky and unreliable. So I threw out the BandAids and moved to WordPress. That move has allowed me to fix things that were broken, add some new ... Continue reading

AnotherThink: New and improved!

After a year of thinking, planning and hand-wringing, I am ready to unveil a major overhaul of AnotherThink, including a very important upgrade to the engine under the hood, Movable Type. In addition to the changes in appearance, Movable Type 4.24 has finally let me axe the dreaded old pop-up ... Continue reading

AnotherThink blog

What would possess a sane person to take a working web site and attempt to rebuild it from scratch, as a Blog? The short answer is, a sane person wouldn't do it. But your intrepid correspondent has leapt across the chasm, and only two results are now possible: either I will grasp ahold of some ... Continue reading