Beauty and the beast

The hype, still unproven, is that embryonic stem cells are nature's miracle cure for everything from Parkinson's disease to aging. Clinics around the world have seized the day by offering their clients expensive injections of stem cells, promising that these injections will reverse the aging ... Continue reading

Broken crucibles, part 1

I was pregnant, I wanted to keep the baby, but I had to realistically acknowledge that I was far too immature to raise a child. How could I penalize a baby that way? Adoption. ... My maternal instincts are frighteningly strong, and it would have been like tearing my heart out to put my baby into a ... Continue reading

Beyond Roe?

Politically, legally, and technologically, the 33-year-old court decision [Roe v. Wade] is increasingly obsolete as a framework for managing decisions about reproduction. —William Saletan, The Road from Roe, Slate, March 4, 2006 After years of relative quiet, the abortion wars have flared up again. ... Continue reading

Abortion’s dirty little secret

Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost wonders why research showing that abortion does long-term harm to a woman's health gets so little attention: In one of the largest and most comprehensive longitudinal studies ever conducted on the subject, a research team led by Professor David M. Fergusson, ... Continue reading

What others have to say

In between fixing recalcitrant computers and answering my phone, I've been reading some great stuff on other blogs. BTW, I use Bradbury Software's excellent Feed Demon to collect the latest posts. Much faster than clicking down through a list of bookmarks. Julana writes at Life in the Slow Lane. ... Continue reading

Magic numbers

Mach 2 was the magic number. Like 60 homers. Like batting 400. Like the 4-minute mile. You'll never break that. The press likes a nice, round number. After that, they don't care, until the next magic number. —comment by a reporter in The Right Stuff Sometime in the coming week, either Robin ... Continue reading

State by state abortion rankings

This map ranks states by their abortion rates per 1,000 live births. California ranks highest with approximately 575 abortions for every 1,000 live births; Idaho ranks lowest with only 36 abortions per 1,000. The CDC tracks some cities individually as well as in their state totals: New York City ... Continue reading

The right to have a perfect child

Margaret Bauer was born with Down syndrome, an increasingly rare genetic disorder. Rare because it has been cured? No, rare because pre-natal testing has led an estimated 80-90% of pregnant women to abort these children before they are born. Patricia Bauer, a former Washington Post reporter, has ... Continue reading