And now for something different

cheddarWhen I was young and life was boring, we used to joke about heading down to the municipal parking lot to watch bumpers rust. That sort of ironic Southern humor used to have us splitting our sides.

Now that cars are made of plastic, the joke just doesn’t work.

But if you’re feeling bored, really and truly bored, try tuning your computer dial to the West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers’ Cheddarvision TV, where you can watch a live web cam shot of cheddar cheese, aging.

Yes, you heard me right. Real wheels of hand-made cheddar cheese, sitting on wooden shelves, aging as you watch.

If you lack the patience to endure the entire 10-month process, you can watch a time-compressed version here, courtesy of YouTube.

I love cheese. Maybe that’s why I find England’s West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers’ site fascinating. Cheesemaking is an ancient art, with carefully-guarded secrets and recipes handed down from generation to generation. Traditional cheesemaking is undertaken with all the love and care that good winemaking demands.

So buy some great cheese, invite some good friends, sit down in front of the computer and tune in Cheddarvision TV. It’ll be a great party!

Note: Because of the time difference between England and the US, and because the cheddars age under subdued light, it’s best to view the cheddars in the evening.

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