Something new

One of the interesting blogging formats is a group or collaborative blog. A group of like-minded folks contribute separate posts, each of them focusing on the topics that interest them, and together you end up with a blog that has several voices and a wider scope because of the team approach. Several group blogs that I read frequently and link to here are The A-Team, Mere Orthodoxy, and Intellectuelle.

I have recently agreed to join a very excellent group blog called Think Christian. Think Christian’s area of interest is one that I share: the intersection of Christianity and culture in the 21st century. Think Christian is sponsored by Gospel Communications, the folks who also sponsor the excellent online Bible resource called The Bible Gateway.

AnotherThink won’t change as a result of this new connection. I won’t be posting the same things on both sites. Think Christian will give me a chance to have a conversation about Christianity with a new audience, something I’m looking forward to.

I’m very grateful to the folks at Think Christian for inviting me to be part of their team.

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  1. Cool, Charlie, sounds like a great opportunity.