Christian Carnival XCVI

My new good friend from GodBlogCon 2005, Alex Jordan, is hosting this week’s Christian Carnival. Alex calls this week’s collection “Applying the Gospel to All of Life.”

The gospel of Christ, and the message of the Bible, provide a framework for interpreting reality, and one of our great challenges as believers is to find and live out truly biblical answers to the deep questions life presents.

At the Christian Carnival, you will find all sorts of interesting posts, many by bloggers you’ve never heard of. Go take a look, and add Alex Jordan of Jordan’s View to your must-read list.

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  1. You’re very kind, Charlie.

    The Carnival was a lot of work, but definitely worth it. The challenge was to come up with a theme– one that fit this bunch of random posts– and at the same time, was interesting to me personally.

    Happy Thansksgivig to you.

  2. Loved your site! Used to be a member of College Center Covenant Church in San Diego, CA. I am now in Boise, Idaho. Good luck on the voting of your site!



    Boise, Idaho