GodBlogCon: Wrap-up

It’s an eight and a half hour drive from La Mirada to Tucson, so I had a lot of time to think. Also, lots of time to eat Pringles. They’re delicious, but there is something disturbing about the uniformity—every chip perfect, every chip like every other one. It reminds me of the Stepford Wives. And Dolly the Sheep. I feel like a character in a Michael Crichton the-future-is-out-to-kill-us-novel when I’m eating them.

The one negative I felt about GodBlogCon was that it was too white, too Protestant, and too Republican. I’m certain that wasn’t the intention. Somewhere the conference became associated in some people’s minds with the right, and others who might have joined in stayed away. Their loss. But it seems as if the planners for GodBlogCon 2006 might need to do some outreach to the under-represented Christian blogging segments to be sure they feel welcome.

That said, GodBlogCon 2005 was a terrific event. As a Christian school with a strong commitment to the use of technology, Biola University was the perfect venue. Biola has excellent conference resources, and the Biola staff went way beyond the call of duty to make all of us feel welcome and comfortable.
Matt Anderson and his staff handled the logistics flawlessly. A bigger thanks should go to Dr. John Mark Reynolds, who somehow coerced the University into inviting a wild-eyed mob of internet denizens to take up residence in Reuben Torrey’s hallowed halls.

It could have been very ugly. Instead, it was an example of the body of Christ in relationship—beautiful.

Let me tell you some of the things I enjoyed about the conference.

First, the fellowship of men and women who are doggedly pursuing a call to be salt and light on the World Wide Web. I’ve updated my links, adding at least 20 new blogs discovered as a result of GodBlogCon.The links on the right are blogs and other resources that I would read daily if I had the time. They are male and female, Catholic and Protestant (and a few of other faiths), but they all share a commitment to excellence. After you have finished at AnotherThink, let me encourage you to exit by one of the blogs on the right.

Second, the chance to pick the brains of gifted people, to learn. I believe God intended us to be lifelong learners. In the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42), Mary is at Jesus’ feet listening and learning while Martha is doing the stuff that needs to be done. There is always a tension between the intrusions and realities of the real world and learning, but we must struggle to create opportunities wherever we can to stop what we are doing and sit at the feet of Jesus. And, to sit at the feet of others who are fellow travelers in this world and have struggled ahead of us with the same struggles, questions and doubts.

The particulars of GodBlogCon will be showing up in my posts for some time to come. Again, thanks to everyone who worked to make this conference a success.

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  1. “Instead, it was an example of the body of Christ in relationship—beautiful.”

    Charlie, that was exactly what I came away with, as well. There were different views represented there, and yet there was a real sense that we were all a part of the same community of believers, working together.

    It was nice to meet you!

  2. Well, I can’t do anything about the white and don’t want to do anything about the Protestant, but I am certainly one of the minority in attendance who wasn’t a Republican. But I only know that I was part of a minority because lots of people have said that. Maybe it was because I only attended on Saturday, but I didn’t hear a single political conversation my entire stay there. In any case, getting to talk with you and Joe and David was probably my highlight of the event.

    p.s., I think you may be the first blogger who accurately categorized my blog! Good job out there!

  3. Hi Charlie:

    It was really terrific meeting you. For me also, one of the best things about the conference was the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers. Our conversations especially, were a pleasure for me, since I love to talk and you are one of those who makes others feel at ease to do so; I hope I didn’t dominate our conversations too much :).

    Anyway, I was impressed as well with the caliber of people there– men and women who seem truly dedicated to Jesus Christ and His cause, and at the same time, thoughtful, intelligent, articulate and “cultured”, in the sense of knowing what is happening in the world-at-large.

    Hopefully future GodBlogCon events will expand and attract an even broader range of people. I’m still gathering my thoughts and will be posting a wrap-up of my reflections on GodBlogCon05 shortly.

    May the Lord bless you richly and expand your influence as you doggedly pursue Him.

    Stay in touch!!

    Your friend,


  4. Hey Charlie,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and helping me out with that Longfellow quote!

    I have really enjoyed reading through some of your excellent posts here as well as the various comments to them. The Katrina thread was particularly interesting. I have bookmarked your site and plan to visit often!

    In Christ,