GodBlogCon update

Is the Internet suited to building communities of faith? Can blogging be an effective tool for discussions of religion and society? What are the limitations of electronic evangelism?

I’m hoping to gain more ideas about the intersection of faith and technology at the first annual GodBlogCon, running Thursday through Saturday at Biola University in La Mirada, CA. I’ll be driving out to LA Thursday morning and plan to blog on some of the discussions while I’m there.
Tickets are available for Friday night’s discussion of the future role of blogging in society. The discussion will feature Hugh Hewitt, Dr. John Mark Reynolds, Dr. Mark Roberts, and Dr. Tod Bolsinger.
GodBlogCon is offering a 1-day fee of $35 for those who would like to attend Saturday’s sessions only.
Grace Hill Media is generously offering a pre-screening of Elizabethtown for all GodBlogCon attendees.

Breakout sessions are being led by such blogging notables as Joe Carter of Evanglical Outpost, La Shawn Barber, Joshua Claybourn of In the Agora, and Barbara Nicolosi.

It should be a great event, and for many of us a first opportunity to put faces with the names we have been getting to know through text on our computer screens.

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  1. great to do dinner with you! would be cool to read of an occasional travel blog post on one of your trips south of the border 🙂