Monsoons and rainbows


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  1. That is a gorgeous photo.

  2. I wondered if you were close to my daughter. She’s in AZ too. Beautiful shot. God Bless.

  3. Beautiful pic. Thanks for sharing it. Rainbows always remind me of Noah.

  4. Strikingly beautiful photo.

  5. I was searching for rainbows and I saw your photo.It was amazing to see! It captivated me because my oldest son 21, passed on to be with our Lord Jesus Christ, 7-30-04. I live in Tucson and this Rainbow was there earlier in the day before he passed away to a better place.

    I know the Lord has so much Grace, he even left with a smile on his face, knowing he must have seen our Lord before he left this place. God bless you! I have written a journal about my experience with my loving son and the morning when he came home with such a warm embrace, loving words that only a mother could trace the deepest of deepest love that her son left smiling from this place. Blessings from Our Father above.

    I tell you God is Amazing! One of his friends had this photo on his cell, he showed it to me and said he would copy it for me to put on the first page of my journal, but I never saw it again until now.. thank you.. thank you..

    I have two younger sons, an older daughter and my youngest is my baby girl, who is a shining star. I wish so much to have this picture. thank you mama Bear.