Comment irregularities

My commenting system has not been reliable lately and has prevented several of you from making comments. I apologize for the difficulty and I’m doing my own tests more regularly to be sure that things are working well.

This is related to the fact that I am testing Movable Type version 3.2, which is currently in beta release. In programming jargon, that means it is mostly working but still has some bugs. Any quirky behavior has to do with the few bugs that remain to be fixed.

This newest version of MT is much improved in a number of ways and really shows the customer-orientation of the people at Six Apart. If you’re a blogger and interested in such things, you can learn more about Movable Type 3.2 here.

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  1. too funny. i saw ‘mostly working’ and thought of the movie The Princess Bride where Mad Max says Westley is only ‘mostly dead.’