2005 EO Symposium: Call for posts

One of the blogs I read daily is The Evangelical Outpost. Joe Carter is a very thoughtful blogger who writes most frequently on the subjects of science, public policy, and how these interact with Christian faith.

A few months back, Carter invited bloggers to write posts around a specific topic. These were collected and judged by a secret, independent panel of “experts.” The winning entry in that first symposium was written by The Paragraph Farmer, another great blog.

The Evangelical Outpost has just announced a new symposium, and I’d like to spread the word to all of the bloggers visiting and invite you to consider submitting a post. Here is how Carter has defined the topic:

I’ve decided to broaden the topic around the theme of Judeo-Christian morality in an ethically pluralistic society. Entries can explore the history of the concept, the applications toward public policy, the best means of arguing for it in the public square, or anything else that you choose.

The deadline for entries is April 15 at 11:59 PM CST. Prizes are awarded; full details can be found at The Evangelical Outpost.

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