A new look

A certain friend of mine said that my former website design looked like the product of an acid flashback.

I have never taken LSD, but I do admit to having a weakness for Adobe Photoshop, a tool that can make the artistically challenged feel more talented than we really are. In the wrong hands, Photoshop is a weapon of artistic abomination.

So, I sought out the help of a professional, and the result is everything I had hoped for. Many thanks to Robert Palmer, a very talented artist, for a design that is much more readable, inviting and pleasing to the eyes.

One of the doctrines that makes the Judeo-Christian religion unique is the belief that knowledge of God does not come through our own efforts. We do not come to understand the meaning of life or the nature of God through meditation, out-of-body experiences or by using mind-altering drugs.

Rather, what we know of God we know because he has revealed himself to humanity, through his Word, through the prophets and through his Son Jesus Christ. The dove is an ancient Christian symbol for the Spirit of God. In the graphic at the top of the page, I see a picture of the relationship God wants to have with you and me, a relationship in which his Spirit reaches out and touches our spirit, bringing us the gifts of life, hope, wisdom, faith and love.

Hope you enjoy the new look!

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  1. i like. very clean look, and i would agree with your friend about the old look. colors didn’t seem to match the content all too well.

    btw, found some good stuff on css:




    those are some links that you asked me about.

    shalom brother…