Abortion regrets

Jewish comedienne Julia Gorin has written a moving reflection about the children her family has lost to abortion. The Gorins lived in Russian during a time when families were encouraged to limit themselves to two children. Julia herself should have been aborted, but was spared. This knowledge weighs on her and has given her pause.

Not only were a great many lives never lived, but too many couples of that time lost one or both of their remaining children to accidents or disease. Gorin’s mother experienced that double pain of losing a child and feeling suddenly guilty about her earlier choices:

[A]s my mother said a few months after my newlywed elder sister and her husband died in a five-vehicle collision in 2000, had she known she would outlive one of her only two children, she would have had more.

Gorin doesn’t scold, she just wants women to take a moment to think about what they are doing.

[M]y intention is to plant a seed of consideration that may otherwise never occur to America’s reluctant with-child women and even girls. It’s a consideration that, for all our endless debating, goes unspoken, but that could alleviate heartache in later life and enrich our lives in ways we can’t predict.

Read the whole thing at the Wall Street Journal.

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  1. Very good post. I appreciate her compassion in discussing a difficult issue.

  2. Thought provoking Charlie. The psychological and spiritual impact doesn’t get discussed – yet we are supposedly “holistic” in our approaches to womens’ health these days.

  3. Thank you for that link, Charlie.

    Brought a tear.