Abortion’s dirty little secret

Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost wonders why research showing that abortion does long-term harm to a woman’s health gets so little attention:

In one of the largest and most comprehensive longitudinal studies ever conducted on the subject, a research team led by Professor David M. Fergusson, director of the longitudinal Christchurch Health and Development Study, found that women who had abortions were significantly more likely to experience mental health problems.

“I remain pro-choice. I am not religious. I am an atheist and a rationalist,” said Fergusson in an interview on Australian radio, “The findings did surprise me, but the results appear to be very robust because they persist across a series of disorders and a series of ages. … Abortion is a traumatic life event; that is, it involves loss, it involves grief, it involves difficulties. And the trauma may, in fact, predispose people to having mental illness.”

Although he is still accepting of abortion, Fergusson believes women and doctors should not blindly accept the unsupported claim that abortion is generally harmless or beneficial to women. In his report, Fergusson singled out the American Psychological Association (APA) for criticism over its handling of research on women’s post-abortion psychological adjustment. “It borders on scandalous that one of the most common surgical procedures performed on young women is so poorly researched and evaluated,” said Fergusson. “If this were Prozac or Vioxx, reports of associated harm would be taken much more seriously with more careful research and monitoring procedures.”

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