State by state abortion rankings

This map ranks states by their abortion rates per 1,000 live births. California ranks highest with approximately 575 abortions for every 1,000 live births; Idaho ranks lowest with only 36 abortions per 1,000. The CDC tracks some cities individually as well as in their state totals: New York City gets the prize with 767 abortions per 1,000, with Washington, D.C., not far behind at 706. To be fair, California cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco may be just as high, but California stopped reporting its abortion statistics to the CDC in 1998, making information about abortions trends there hard to discover (the point, I suppose). Other non-reporting states are New Hampshire and Alaska. Hawaii ranks 23rd. Wyoming’s abortion numbers are so low that meaningful statistics are hard to come by. Accurate data would probably rank Wyoming as the state with the fewest abortions in the nation.
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  1. Charlie,

    Florida’s ranking (5) is curious, considering that state has so many old people way past childbearing age.

    It’s a horrifying reminder of what the blue states are doing to themselves, and what we as a nation are doing to ourselves. Pictures say a lot…

  2. Are these residence statistics or total occurrence statistics? If it’s total occurrence, it’s important to note that many of these states perform abortions for people from out of state.

    Also bear in mind that large cities tend to have higher rates of abortion, skewing the average in a state. I’d be curious to see what the statistics would look like if large cities were removed from the data set.

    These two factors could possibly skew the results dramatically. For example, remove Miami from the data set, and only look at residence statistics (that is, remove the “spring break” out-of-state crowd) and I’ll bet Florida’s rate would drop significantly.

  3. “…remove [Florida’s] spring-break out-of-state crowd and I’ll bet Florida’s rate would drop significantly.”

    Huh? Girls are going to Florida for spring break, having unprotected sex, getting pregnant, having an abortion and going home to Peoria?! All in the course of a week?! Joe, you need to talk to a woman about the realities of pregnancy, my friend.

    These are total occurance statistics, which does mean that they are slightly skewed by interstate traffic. But since no records are kept about where women come from, there is no way to know whether this factor has any signifance. Logic suggests that states with high numbers of abortions are mostly catering to their own citizens.

  4. boring

  5. abortion is a very bad thing and people should do something about it especially the government and the president. every single human being should have the right to decide if they should live or die. i am 100% prolife because u shouldnt decide who lives or doesnt it is the mothers responsibilty to have that baby safely. if she didnt want it she shouldnt of had sex.

  6. Rebeka Hernandez says

    abortion is wrong on so many levels and you are not a bad person just a bad decision don’t kill your baby because you aren’t ready you were ready to have sex so take care of what you started

  7. This is becasue teens in the US are not taught how to protect themselves. Teens are going to have sex, it’s a fact of life. The number of abortions could be dramatically decreased if the governments and schools systems would only realize that abstience only education DOES NOT WORK! Teens are going to have sex, why isn’t someone properly preparing them? Canada does.

    • 60 % of abortions happen because the birth control failed, so this is not because they are not prepared. Abstinence is the only fool proof method of birth control. Teens don’t have to have sex, but our society pushes them into it. And it is not only teenagers having abortions, if it were the numbers would be drastically lower. You are just repeating PP talking points.

  8. Abortion is a crime and it should be illegal!

  9. i think that if there were a lot more girls inc. in schools then more girl would know how to use protection(s), that would decrease the abortion rate, but the other girls who fal uder the unprotected range and refuse to use any protection at all should not abort! give up for adoptions!! there are so many people who WANT a baby.. abortion is killing children and so far many women/teenagers have killed more than half of what could’ve been the population of the united states, or even the population of teh world!

  10. What would you all call more immoral? Politicians that send young men & women off to war to fight unholy/immoral wars or a persons right to choose? Remove the flag from your eyes people. These soldiers being led to war aren’t galnt leaders of our respective communities. The y are sheep-sheep being led to the slaughter. Abortion is a PERSONAL decision. Not for you or I to decide it for them. In other words–MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.

  11. Maurice:

    You said:

    “What would you all call more immoral? Politicians that send young men & women off to war to fight unholy/immoral wars or a persons right to choose? … Abortion is a PERSONAL decision. Not for you or I to decide it for them. In other words–MIND


    You use the word “immoral” twice, so you do believe some actions are moral and some are immoral. That means there is an external standard

    of some kind that you apply to the war and other things you disapprove of.

    But then you say that abortion is “personal” and none of our business. So abortion is exempt from moral standards? How is it that things you don’t like are “immoral,” but things you agree with are “personal?”

    Seems like a double standard. I could say “Hey, Maurice, these kids going to war are making a PERSONAL decision. Not for you or I to decide it for them.”

    So I’m curious where you draw the line? When do you jump in and declare something immoral (which is what the pro-lifers are doing) and when do you back away and say it’s none of our business?

    I’ll tell you what I think. I think EVERY action a human being takes that affects another human being is a morally-charged decision, and that gives us the right to judge that decision and debate whether it is really moral or immoral.

    What do you think?

    Thanks for commenting. Come back soon.

  12. Site the sources, because I don’t beleive a word of this. Just more prapaganda by the religous right.[sic]

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