Rolling Stone flattens Bible ad

bannedCutting-edge cultural icon Rolling Stone magazine has apparently found the Bible a bit too edgy for its tastes.

Zondervan had secured advertising space in the February issue of Rolling Stone to create interest among the magazine’s readers in the Today’s New International Version of the Bible. But when Stone publishers got a look at the ad copy, they were shocked! shocked! by what they saw and immediately cancelled Zondervan’s contract. (Ad for a Bible doesn’t fit—USA Today, 1/17/2005.)

What, you may wonder, was so outrageous that a magazine famous for photo spreads of naked rock stars felt compelled to pull the plug? Apparently, this slogan: “Timeless truth; Today’s language.”

General manager Kent Brownridge commented that the ad “doesn’t quite feel right in the magazine.”

“[W]e are not in the business of publishing advertising for religious messages,” he added.

Thanks to Charlotte Hays—Loose Canon for spotting this.

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