The “new” internationalists

It was only a few months back that Nicolas Kristof, an editorialist for The New York Times, woke up and realized that Christians were doing God’s work in foreign lands. It was a relief to me that someone at The New York Times had finally noticed the evangelical missionary movement, a work that has been building hospitals, teaching literacy, improving agricultural methods and sanitation—and planting churches—in the remotest parts of earth for more than a century.

The Times may be asleep, but Kristof (finally) has his eyes open. In a new post at Get Religion, Doug LeBlanc writes about Kristof’s latest piece on Sen. Sam Brownback, a Christian whose politics are “to the right of Atilla the Hun,” in Kristof’s words, but who still gets quite a few things right, including his sincere interest in the plight of the poor and hurting in those far-away lands.

Good reading from GetReligion, as always.

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