Coffee beans

  • coffeeSmall family farmers grow over 50% of the world’s coffee.
  • The average $3 latte delivers less than 2 cents back to the farmer.
  • A two-cup-per-day coffee drinker will, in a year’s time, consume the annual crop of 18 coffee trees.
  • 108 million people in the US drank coffee yesterday.
  • Americans consume more coffee than any other nation, at 2.3 billion pounds annually.
  • For every coffee drinker in the US, there is one worker elsewhere in the world who depends on coffee for his livelihood.
  • By linking directly with markets, farmers in Fair Trade cooperatives are able to earn 3 to 5 times more for their coffee than they would otherwise.
  • StarBucks purchased 2.1 million pounds of Fair Trade coffee in fiscal year 2003.
  • Coffee is indigenous to Ethiopia.
  • Coffee “beans” are actually the dried seeds of the fruit of the coffee tree, which when ripe look like small, red cherries.

Source: TransFair USA

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