Lunar eclipse

I got some decent photos of tonight’s lunar eclipse, until clouds from a storm coming in from the west finally obscured the view. The first shows the moon in about 1/3 shadow, (f5.6 for 1/80th of a second). The second shows the red coloration starting as the moon is in about three-quarters shadow (f5.6 for 1/3rd of a second).

I caught a glimpse of the moon in total shadow through a break in the clouds, but couldn’t find it quickly enough with the camera to get a photo. The color by that point was a dark red. The photos were taken about ten miles north of Tucson, Arizona.



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  1. So stunning. It was too cloudy here for us to see any of it.

  2. Great pics – I was hoping to view it here but we were fogged in. Found this link to some more great pics…

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