Living with paralysis

In an updated post on Dan Knudsen, the young college student who broke his neck in a tumbling accident while working as a camp counselor during spring break, his family talks about the differences between a “complete” spinal cord injury and one where the nerve signal interruption is “incomplete.”

A complete injury is the worst case. No nerve signals make it past the injury site, and only rarely is there improvement.

Dan’s injury is labeled as complete. He has no movement or feeling from his neck down. He has not felt the sharpness of a pin-stick in his legs. The meeting tomorrow morning (at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) will focus on how Dan is to function with his disability, not if his condition will change.

We know that our great God is the Healer — He is able to do what the medical field cannot. We don’t know His plan, but we know that it is good. Let’s trust Him for the best.

Let’s continue to pray for Dan, his family and friends as they hope for a miracle and look to God for His good plan.

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