Catez on Slumdog Millionaire

Since I haven’t managed to see this movie yet, I was interested in Catez Steven’s impressions on Slumdog Millionaire. She has some good comments about the movie’s moral threads.

“It’s a movie that works on a lot of different levels, and it reminded me of a Rushdie novel in the way the elements are combined. There’s a fantastic fairy taleness aspect, a lot of gritty realism, and plenty to chew on regarding questions of responsibility, choices, and human nature. …

“It is also not so easy to dismiss this as a story about one guy who gets a lucky break. Yes, there is that, but there are also some scenes which left me thinking about all those who didn’t get any relief or escape from their slavery. … Yes, we can enjoy the Bollywoodish fairy tale thread, but the film isn’t going to let us off that easy. Religious hypocrisy and questions about fatalism are in there too.”

Catez has a lot more to say here. Go read her review and let me know what you thought of this highly praised and discussed movie.

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  1. Hey thanks Charlie. Appreciated.

  2. I like the movie and indeed a different view. sometimes we get overwhelmed with the awards and the love story but we fail to see what’s happening in the movie. great review on the movie!