FLASH! CBS News reveals major scoop!

CBS News Claims Documents Disprove Christ’s Resurrection

NEW YORK In yet another bold display of investigative journalism, CBS News has used anchorman Dan Rather and its 60 Minutes program to break a story about a document discovery they say disproves the Biblical account of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“The documents we’re about to show you are sure to turn the world of Christianity on its proverbial ear,” Rather told the audience at the top of the 60 Minutes report. “I want to assure our viewers that we have done everything humanly possible to ensure the authenticity of these documents, and CBS News is thoroughly convinced that they are indeed the real deal.” — Full Story Here…

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  1. They missed the best part of the documents in the article. The language is not only in a modern language style, it is in modern English. Well, they do say that history repeats itself. Apparently our language has been around before.