Mark Daniels: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Mark Daniels has written a nice post on the importance of daily Bible reading at Better Living.

The moment you turn from sin and believe in Jesus Christ, you are part of God’s kingdom. But growing up in the faith, living in the confidence that God willingly gives His children, being able to face whatever life throws at us, and becoming the high-impact people of faith we’re made to be, that is a process.

There’s no such things as instant discipleship. It happens only insofar as we give God access to our wills and our lives day in and day out!

It happens through things like regular worship, regular prayer, regular service, regular giving, regularly encouraging others with the love of Christ, regularly inviting others to worship with us, and regularly reading God’s Word.

“There’s no such thing as instant discipleship.” Exactly right. Like Mary in Luke 10:38, it means making a choice, sacrificing the time (and sometimes, other important things), sitting daily at the feet of Jesus and listening to what he has to say.

We worship a living God who wants to have a conversation with us. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, take your Bible off the bookshelf and see what’s on God’s mind.

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  1. Hi Charlie:

    I read your response at Christine’s TalkWisdom blog and enjoyed your words. Words are powerful.

    God bless you from the City of Peace! (ss)

  2. Charlie:

    I’m honored that you have linked to me here. Your thoughts on this subject are helpful!

    Blessings in Christ,

    Mark Daniels