Was Jesus divine?

Whether Jesus was merely mortal or the incarnation of the Living God has been hotly debated ever since his crucifixion and alleged resurrection. I would suggest that there can be no authentic Christianity if Jesus was not divine, though many in this age would claim otherwise, saying that Jesus was a man of such great spiritual insight that we have much to gain from his teachings, nevertheless.

Pastor/blogger Mark D Roberts is a very gifted writer and Christian apologist who has started a new faith series on this very question, entitled Was Jesus Divine? This is his introduction to the topic, and I’m looking forward to what he has to say.

As Rev. Roberts correctly points out, if Jesus was/is divine, it means that Christianity is not just another religious faith, but a faith that commands our attention to the exclusion of others. Not a popular idea in this egalitarian age. Take a look.

Ed. note: For those of you who love old westerns, please note that we are not claiming that Jesus was Devine, i.e. an early incarnation of the not-terribly-bright cowboy sidekick Andy Devine, whose voice would assault the ears of an accordian player. Just wanted to clear that up.

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  1. Does devine mean death proof? If so, our debt has not been paid and we are most miserable! Did not God give Jesus life in himself after he ascended? If Jesus was already devine, that would have been redundant.

  2. well jesus must be divine because otherwise he would of been mad or doing it for the money and we know he wasn’t any of those two

  3. was jesus human, or is he divine

  4. its all a lie.

    jesus was a man. he died like we do.

  5. Jesus was a human being, and the version of Christinity that he taugt is not the chrisitianity of the Bible…the Bible was written and influenced largely by men who had it edited/dictated to them by various leaders. philosphers who studied in Egypt and Alexandria and officials who wanted to use religious rules as another way of emphasizing control. Jesus’s doctrine was more spriritually based and nore of the naturalized way of life… blended heavily with early religious themes … history traditionally malaigns them as pagan religiions..if one would look more closely at these religions they encouraged oneness with self-nature and God–and health…they strongly promoted wholeness and health living.it has also been argured by some that Jesus consumed no red meat or dairy products…the first trinity — was You(the self) ,the earth,the spririt ..which evoled into the holy trinity. as we know it now..because historians largely believed that understanding God was not a task for the common man… hince it was written(the Bible).. and cannonized.. ( for fools) that could not see the difference and who believed that someone needed to teach them about a God that they have been worshipping with and praying with and to all their lives…they “made” Jesus devine..greater than man…he was not …he was man…. who was very much in touch with God….the same God… the pagans prayed to..the god of Imhotep.. there is and always be only one…and think about this…if the bible was never written.. how would ou know God…..

  6. Minister Margo A. Johnson says

    My name is Minister Margo A. Johnson, and I would like to know what does Devine Mean?

    Devine Purpose!’

    Devine Connection!’

    Devine Intervention!’

    Devine Prosperity!’

    I have been speaking all these blessings over my Mininistry, and my family.’The Ark of Safety Outreach Ministry’ a Ministry that the Lord blessed me with in 1991!

    What does Devine mean?

    “The LORD bless thee, and keep thee:

    The LORD cause His face shine upon thee,

    and be gracious upon thee, and give thee


    Numbers 6:24-25

    God loves you, and so do I, in Jesus Name, Amen!


    Minister Margo A. Johnson

    The Ark of Safety Outreach Ministry

  7. Troy Klein says

    Jesus was far more then a man. If the bible had not been written, Jesus would have never been sent here to save us from our damnation. The bible is a tool to help spread the “Good News” of our salvation. If you don’t believe that God sent Jesus to save us, as for told in the Old Testament, and many other documents from around the world, what hope is in your life. Jesus was a part (son) of God in flesh. He was sent to save us from the misleading, misguiding evil that is here to distract us from giving thanks to the creator. This is our mission, to give thanks to the creator through our actions, a kind word, helping the needy, and showing the world the Love God showed us by sending is Divine Son Jesus “The Christ” to come and die for us so that we may enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Thank you God for Jesus, and may all see the Love you have entrusted us to show.

    Troy Klein

  8. Zavier Hartung says

    It is obvious to tell by reading the Bible that Jesus was indeed divine. To say that the Bible was written by “men who had it dictated to them by various leadears/philosophers” without any divine instruction is completely ridiculous.

    The Bible may not include all of Jesus’ teachings but the main ideas and concepts are clearly stated..and the book wasn’t written for “fools” who needed someone to tell them what to do — it is a written account of the Son of God, and was divinely inspired so early christians could use the teachings of Jesus as a guideline for their lives.

    The early christian studied and looked to this book for encouragement..not because they didn’t know to whom or what they were praying to but because they needed something to uplift them in the midst of persecution by the Roman Empire. The evidence of Jesus’ divinity is there you merely have to look for it..

  9. I have been angry with christianity for as long as I can remember- I’ve finally reached a point where I want to let go of my anger. I have come to the conclusion that god does in fact exist- however, he doesn’t, in my humble opinion, exist in the way christians traditionally think so. I think of him as our moral internal compass…the inherent good in all of us. I don’t care about apostles and burning bushes. I want to hear someone’s take on jesus as he pertains to my personal views. my ears are open, and I’ve got all the time in the world. I just want to find something that makes sense to me.


  10. I have read and digested all the available writings on the question “Was Jesus Divine” and the evidence is very strongly in favour. However I am still mystified by the various quotes of Jesus where He continually refers to God as His Father. “Father forgive them….” “I will ask the Father…” etc

  11. The question: Was Jesus divine? Cannot be answered without also asking the question: Was Jesus human? The reason for this is that Jesus during His 33 ½ years on earth was both, human and divine. However, this demands an explanation for the popular teaching that He was “fully human” and “fully divine” is an oxymoron and simply not possible. The glass cannot be “fully” empty and “fully” full at the same time and in the same glass, and neither could Jesus be “fully” human and “fully” divine at the same time and in the same body. Jesus was fully human for He was BORN of a fully human – Mary. Jesus was NOT fully divine for He was only the BEGOTTEN Son of God while in the flesh, able to die. Not until His death and resurrection did He become the BORN Son of God, never able to die again.

    Jesus was our example in how to become a child of God. You and I were born FULLY human but our spiritual orientation came from our sinful father/Adam/Satan. All human beings, since Cain and Abel, have come in the flesh as the BEGOTTEN children of Satan (tree of the knowledge of good and evil). It requires a calling and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit (tree of life) from God to become a new creation, to become BEGOTTEN children of God. We, like our example Jesus, will then die and be resurrected as BORN children of God, never able to die again.


  12. There is not ONE, historical reference anywhere that confirms a divine man named Jesus. Just spiritual writings by those that came years after his supposed life.

    Born to a 13 year old mother named Mary (according to the bible) who was married to an older man. That goes against all our moral beliefs right there.

    To those that believe, Jesus was not a popular guy amongst his peers while alive but became famous only after he died. Stories of bringing people back to life, feeding 5000 people fishes and loaves, making a blind man see, and turning water into wine. Wouldn’t anyone with common sense want to be this guys friend. Evidentally not. Even during the so called resurrection his 12 apostles were in hiding. (thats not nice!)

    For a guy that was suppose to be the greatest man that ever lived we have no idea when he was born, no idea what he looked like, was the unemployed son of a carpenter that hung around small towns in the middle east like an alley bum or hobo. No references anywhere that he bettered himself or did anything productive with his own life.

    His story parallels many previous myth gods that also claimed to be born December 25, of a virgin, died and reborn again, and spirited away.

    I don’t have to see something to believe its true or not. It just has to make common sense. There is no common sense that proves that there ever was a divine man named Jesus (Yeshua)

  13. Hello Tyler,

    Yes, Jesus WAS human because He was BORN of His human mother Mary 2000 years ago. Yes Jesus IS divine because He was BORN of His spiritual father God at His resurrection.

    The more common question is: Was Jesus FULLY human and FULLY divine during His 33 ½ years on earth? No He was not, because FULLY human and FULLY divine at the same time and in the same body is not possible! The glass cannot be FULLY full and FULLY empty at the same time and in the same glass! Jesus, during His 33 ½ years on earth was FULLY human because He was BORN of His human mother Mary. But He was only BEGOTTEN of God during His 33 ½ years on earth, able to sin and to die. Because He sinned not, He became the Savior of mankind. He did die to satisfy the death penalty you and I incurred by breaking the laws of God.

    Jesus was our forerunner and example. Therefore, if the Spirit of God dwells in you, you are now a BORN human being and a BEGOTTEN God being. You live, you suffer and you die until the resurrection when you will be BORN AGAIN, never able to sin or die again.

    God bless, Robert Schmid

  14. KAFEERRO ZAC says

    if jesus was truely human, is it also possible that he was truelly divine. in any case how can the same person jesus be both truely human and truely divine? what evidence is there to proove this/these alledations.